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5 Bag Trends This Spring 2021

Tired of being indoors? With spring coming upon us, grab that bag and get ready to go out again! 

Oh, wait! Now, you are confused! What bag?! You have been in for so long that you forgot that you actually need a bag?! And what is the bag trend these days?!

Don’t worry – been in your shoes a couple of weeks ago so I did the homework for you. 

Interested?! If yes, here are the top 5 handbags trends for this spring season of 2021!

I  am more than certain that just like me you are tired of staying-in for.. hmm… let me think….how long has it been ….almost a year?! God, it really has been a year since I have changed into my sweatpants (these days fleece sweatpants but trust me I look adorable in them).  

I can forget about my lipstick and fancy clothes but one thing that I always rely on are my handbags. This season there is no shortage of options so no matter whether you are going just for groceries shopping or carrying the essentials for a short get-away these gorgeous bag styles will catch the eyes of all passers-by.

Let’s dig in!

1.Oversized Bags

2. Chain Bags

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