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5 Best Gym Bags For Women: Must-Haves When Hitting to the Gym This Spring

If you are looking for a best friend to get sweaty with and carry all your stuff when hitting to the gym, take a look at our list of the best gym bags for women. They are made for us to be our efficient, stylish and reliable workout companions.

Has it crossed your mind how often we neglect the gym bags and just stuff things in the first bag that fits the sports style just seconds before we leave for the gym?! It is time to treat ourselves nice and show some self-love even when going to the gym. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stylish and high-quality workout bag? 

The best women’s gym bags are designed for women to prepare in style for the gym without a hassle and in no time. They can be simple but yet elegant. These bags can be plain but yet stylish and sophisticated. Stylish gym bags can boost your motivation for going to the gym and on the bonus side you never know who you might run into.

Are you hitting the gym straight from work or before work? Or maybe you are squeezing the workout session in your lunch break?! It does not really matter as we did our research for your new stylish workout buddy carefully and the result?!

We choose for you the top 5 sports bags for women that are durable and convenient for carrying around in style. Take time and take a look at our carefully chosen list of top 5 most durable, stylish and loved gym bags out there.

Best Gym Bag For the Office: Adidas By Stella McCartney Shell and Mesh Duffel

Designed for Adidas, Stella McCartney’s Shell and Mesh Duffel, is made from water-resistant and long-standing combination of mesh, nylon and polyester, and the finest decoration of snake prints.

What you get is somewhat of a classic gym bag but with sophisticated twist that makes it perfect for the office and walking around in style. Now you can have the modern contemporary cool style even when going to the gym or shifting life between working hours and workout hours.

Try out this new cool style and feel the positive vibes that can motivate you and get you excited about your visit to the gym. Level up your sporty style with this Adidas Mesh Duffel. On the plus side if you decide to take a rest and get away for the weekend just use the shoulder strap that you can adjust or detach and voila you have your perfect travel companion.

This duffle bag is spacious and has a plenty of room for all the gym apparel, plus a towel and some extra clothes that you might need for changing. If you do not trust us, trust Stella McCartney, she knows what she is doing.

Get your stuff now and you’re good to go. There are no more excuses for not going to the gym as this is one of the most stylish and best gym bags for women to carry to the gym.

Best Overall Gym Bag For Women: Under Armour Women’s Undeniable Signature Duffle Bag

This Under Armour Duffle will make your workouts feel like a piece of cake. We particularly like the functionality and the design of seaglass blue and onyx white combo. It is the right back to give you power boost and the right dose of motivation to move towards the gym.

Under Armour has been popular for its strong sports style statements  and the iconic designs of sportswear as well as top-rated sports equipment. We chose this design for you but if it does not fit with your style you can choose from the other available -6 more in this version.

The bag has large vented pocket ideally made for laundry or shoes on one side and on the other mesh pocket. On the front there is a zippered pocket which doubles as a hair-tie. Perfect for all those of you who like to stay organised even when going to the gym.

It is equipped with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for convenient carrying but if you do not like this you can easily grab it by the dual top handles made for easy carrying. The bag is lightweight but with highly water-resistant and tough finish. This duffle bag features abrasion-resistant side panels and bottom.

No matter whether you are a regular at the gym or just a time-to-time visitor this bag is a total badass. When you finish all the workouts this fitness companion will be waiting for you with all the necessities such as towel, fresh set of clothes and toiletries to make you feel full of energy and ready to conquer the world.

All you need to finalise your complete fitness look is a good pair of women’s walking shoes.

Best Value Women’s Gym Bag: Boost Sports Bag

Are you one of those whose fitness hype one day is very high but the very next day -well, gone…If this is the case, then it is not worth to spends lots of money on gym bag that can be quite expensive. If this is the case, then you won’t regret purchasing this Boost Sports Bag.

What is great about this bag is its main compartment that can fit all your gym equipment and on the plus side you can fit also all the protein shakes you have prepared. In addition you have a shoe compartment which is pretty convenient. as you do not want those smelly snickers mixed up with your protein shake and clean garment.

For convenience of carrying, you can choose between shoulder strap and handbag-style. We chose the pink option of the bag but you can choose among four others (black, blue, grey, purple).

The overall grade is that this bag is great for its value, has a good quality and plain but modern style. This bag will show you that style does not have to cost lots of bucks to look good and make you feel good and set a positive mindset.

Best Stylish Duffle Bag For Women: Jadyn 19” Barrel Duffel Bag

If you want to carry your stuff in style this bag will be perfect for you. The minute you see this floral design eve if you are not keen that much on florals we guarantee you, you will fall in love with it. This cute bag will be your trustful companion not only when going to the gym but also wherever you go as it can be used as a weekender bag.

You will love the multifunctional purpose of this gym bag. Due to the durable fabric you can use it for years. It can serve not only when going to the gym but also it is perfect for yoga classes, dance classes or any other sport.

It is spacious enough to fit the athletic equipment in one place. It is aesthetically pleasing and if you are not that much into flowers but you love the barrel form and all about this bag make sure you take a look at the other colour options such as grey floral, geometric grey, tropical black, vintage, yellow flowers or navy floral.

The bag features easy access to the front pocket that is secured with zipper for safe storing of your items. The pocket is pretty small so all you can fit here are some toiletries or small supplies.

If you like the bag just grab it and adjust that shoulder strap for the best and most comfortable carrying. A 13” handle drop at the top is included in the strap, too.

This duffle is perfect for those who are practical and like the multifunctional use of a bag, and this bag serves this purpose as one of the best gym bags for women out there.

Best Budget Gym Bag For Women: Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0

Under Armour has a great selection of workout bags for anyone’s style, budget and tastes. This cool workout bag is a perfect blend between great taste, impeccable style and affordable budget.

If you are looking for a high quality and affordable price UA is the brand that you should try. It provides ultra-functions with water-resistant finish of the bag. It also features side panels that are resistant to abrasion so it is a great option for all those who travel a lot and need to carry this bag all the way from and to different places.

Like almost all the other bags this one also offers a padded adjustable shoulder strap in addition to the grab handles for convenient style of carrying. If you like to keep things organised the zipper pocket and the mesh pocket will serve this purpose.

You can choose from a great range of colour combination that are all eye-catching and we are certain that you will find your favourite one among the offered ones. In addition to the durability of the fabric and the straps, this gym bag offers ample size so it can fit all the necessities for a gym session plus many more.

Frequently asked questions about women’s gym bags

How do I choose a gym bag?

Before you make a decision, consider the main aspects and ask yourself questions such as how often will I use the bag (durability), What are the things that I need to carry (size), your budget (price range), style as well as comfort for carrying. The bag you choose should be able to accommodate all the gym equipment, fit your style and be in your price range budget. It needs to be water-resistant and made of good quality material.

What are the best gym bags for women on the market?

We surely did our work when researching some of the best gym bags for women so you can take a look at our list – it is not long and find your favourite among the top five. My personal favourite is the Under Armour Duffle due to its many features that boost my energy for going to the gym and style and functionality of what I am looking for in a gym bag.

What should a woman pack in a gym bag?

Different women may need to pack different things but some are basics: clothes for exercising, clean trainers, a water bottle is a necessity, a towel and some toiletries for shower afterwards. If you have long hair you may need a hairband, some protein snack for after exercise and headphones for good music while doing sport.

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