Capsule Wardrobe in 2021: Have A Great Style on Any Budget!

If you are asking yourself is it possible to have a great style on any budget regardless how low it is, then the answer is surely Yes! The solution: Capsule Wardrobe!

The first thought that crosses our minds when it comes to a great and trendy style is “oh, you but you need to have lots of money for that”! Well, we will have to disagree on this one and stay with us to let you know why most often what it takes is a great capsule wardrobe.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe

In simple words it is a collection of classic pieces of wardrobe that will work together with so much versatility and by combining them you can create many different looks! You are not sure if you can pull that out! Well, this is why we are here!

How to decide what can be a part of a capsule wardrobe: The clothing item needs to be neutral, classic, something that can be worn time after time. It is a piece that can be combined with many other and even if you wear it thousands of times it still feels as something different and new every time.

Capsule Wardrobe in The Pandemic World

I must admit- it has been a while since I last wore high-heels! Like many, I transitioned from working in the office to working from my couch. Changed those many meetings with endless Zoom meetings! The result: many dresses and office outfits left hanging in my wardrobe.

This reminded me that my old capsule wardrobe does not work anymore. So I really had to find one that fits the new “new way of living” or as we all prefer to say it “new normal”. Thus, the practical knitted co-ords replaced the smart suits and so the cottagecore fashion trend was born from the TicTok generation this year.

What Every Capsule Wardrobe in 2021 Should Have

One of the first basic item in the wardrobe should be a great piece of outwear. It can be a trench coat, or an over-coat! Neutral colours work just fine!

But what is interesting in this pandemic time is the combination between trench coats and let’s say tracksuits. Maybe because the main theme of the whole 2020 and now 2021 was practicality and comfort. So, if you have not invested until now in a great tracksuit now is the ultimate time to do it!

Iris & Lilly Women’s Lightweight Cotton Loungewear Set

If you are thinking more about summer options, take a look at this short-sleeve set. I purchased mine from Amazon and I absolutely love it.

A pair of white sneakers are an absolute must for the season and for this year’s capsule wardrobe. Keep your feet fresh, look adorable and walk in style and comfort. This must-have footwear is ideal for hectic days or relaxing weekends.

In a need of a handbag?!

In this new era and new definition of capsule wardrobe on the top as always we have the handbags. What is different now is the practical feature emphasis so we are looking at new modern handbags that make strong fashion statement,. We will especially pay attention to the backpacks as they scream practicality and comfort and they are a grab on the go bags that can be used for multiple purposes and go hand in hand with the tracksuit set and the pair of white sneakers from above.

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