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Chic Casual Outfits

Chic Casual Outfits For Every Day

You do not have any more ideas what to wear during the day? You want to wear comfortable clothes but still look chic? Check out our ideas on 5 days chic casual outfits that you can try from Monday to Friday.

We prepared combinations with clothes that you might already have at home or you can purchase at amazon.com, with a great speedy delivery and affordable prices. Or, these combos might give you ideas for your own style outfits.

Let’s dig in!


For the start of the week I like wearing a pair of jeans – Rider from Lee are a good example of boyfriend jeans with a rolled cuff. It works perfectly with V-neck Henley shirt with ribbed laced long sleeves and a pair of Cole Haan sneakers for a comfortable walk to the nearest park.


You will love this Casual 2 Piece Outfit Long Pant Set for your every day. I love wearing it to my favourite cafe to pick up my coffee to go and talk the usual walk in the morning just before the start of the my working day from home of course. You can combine this outfit with one of the daily backpacks from Michael Cors.


This casual long sweatshirt is my new favorite casual piece to throw on and go. It’s a cool and versatile sweater and comes with a great price tag of 30 dollars! It’s great with jeans (check this great pair of Levi Strauss ) or over your leggings for even more casual stylish walk.


Thursday is usually a busy day for me, so I like to keep it simple and casual all day long, even during my work zoom calls. For this purpose, I love my Polo shirt and I have this shirt in the same size just different colours. These shirts are great for versatile combination with jeans, casual trousers, leggings, bottom tracksuit. One of my favourite are these cotton pants.


Finally, Friday…Who doesn’t love Fridays? You will also love this combo of turtle neck knitted sweater and pull-on skinny jeans by Levi Strauss. It screams weekend, it is time to relax and let it go! You can wear the knitted sweater during autumn, winter and spring seasons so it is one of those great pieces that you can use on lots of occasions.

These are our suggestions for this week for chic casual outfits that you can wear every day while you are at home, going to the shops, the local cafe, or just a walk in the nearby park.

Interested to hear what do you think? Which outfit is your favourite? Do you have any suggestions? We would love to hear!

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