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Imagine you and your favourite leather handbag out and about the town! And, no, I would not spoil the image by saying what happened to me, but will surely save the day by giving you some tips and tricks on how to clean bag leather made and ruined by stains from your ink pen! You got the picture, right?

Handbags are definitely on the list of “a must-have” for every woman! They come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and, of course – material.

A leather handbag – my fav and simply the best. And I know, it can be a serious investment, so it is essential to keep your bag clean especially if you intend to have it for a long time. Leather is an organic material, and it needs special care to keep it looking its best for a long time. 

Get Yourself A Leather Cream And A Wax

You want to add an extra layer of protection to your awesome leather bag?! Get yourself a leather cream and some wax. What’s more, the leather cream and the polish can help you cover some minor scratches and damages. In addition, the wax layer is an excellent protection from dirt and moisture.

Is there a way to prevent these scratches and minor damages? Well, one way is to choose wisely what to put in your handbag, some essentials are a must of course: keys, cell phone, wallet, some necessary makeup….. It is wise if you try to keep the makeup staff in a separate small bag, and if you must carry your favourite perfume with you, make sure it is tightly closed. This also applies to the hand creams and other liquid items and pens! I know it from experience, especially the pens part.

One way to prevent stains and scratches is a proper storage of the bag. Where you keep your handbag when you do not use it. In lots of cases when you buy your fav piece it comes packed in a nice canvas bag, so it can be a good idea to keep it in the canvas bag and store this bag in your wardrobe. 

How To Clean Your Bag Leather At Home

You can easily clean your leather handbag at home for not more than 15 minutes. First, empty your bag of all the things you keep in it.

Start with making foam with some cleaning solution you have at home (baby shampoo will do pretty good). Then you clean the dirt inside and outside with a cotton cloth soaked in the foam. 

Now, you wait for a couple of minutes the wetness to dry, and then you can apply the leather cream or wax. Put some leather cream or polish on a soft and clean cotton cloth and rub the handbag. Leather creams are perfect because they can make your handbag shine like new. 

Make sure you take care of all parts of the bag- handles, and corners. 

You can also take everyday care by cleaning the dirt from your handbag using wet wipes. 

How To Remove Liquid Stains From Your Handbag

Liquids leaked in our bags are not a rare sight and we all know that if they leak they can make horrible stains to our handbags.

 The first thing you should do is absorb the liquid with dry and clean cotton cloths. 

After, try to clean the wet area with a cotton cloth and warm water. Start from the outside of the bag to prevent the liquid and the stain from spreading. 

Once more, you should clean your bag with a dry cotton cloth and leave it to dry itself. 

How To Remove Greasy, Denim, And Ink Stains

Stains from hand or body cream are nasty, and you can try to clean them by applying some cornstarch as fast as possible after removing the cream. The cornstarch can help in absorbing the grease residue. 

You can clean them if you act fast by cleaning the bag with makeup remover wipes or a cotton cloth with an alcohol-free makeup remover. 

Ink stains can often be seen on leather handbags. There are few things you can do at home to try to clean them. You can use a soap-based cleaner, saddle soap, leather conditioner, nail polish remover, and X hair spray. Use a clean cotton cloth with anything above that you have at home and rub the area with an ink stain.

How To Remove Unpleasant Odor From Your Leather Handbag

The leather has its own odour, and it is something that we are used to noticing and accepting. But as it might happen from time to time we may forget some things in our bag – well it happened to me, among other things food, and cosmetics. They can make a very unpleasant odour and can develop some bacteria in the bag, as well. In these cases, we can clean our handbag with a cotton cloth soaked in some detergent and leave it dry. If necessary, you can repeat this once more.

Another way to solve the unpleasant smell from your bag is with baking soda. After you empty your handbag, sprinkle some baking soda inside the bag and leave it overnight till the baking soda absorbs the odour. The next day you can clean the baking soda from the handbag with a small hand vacuum cleaner


Keep your bag in a closed-in canvas bag (if possible) and stuffed to prevent twisting or shape changes. If you do not have a canvas bag, even an old pillowcase will do. 

Remember, always clean your handbag before you put it in closed bag, and make sure it is dry and clean.

Just a reminder -Keep your cosmetics and liquids in a small cosmetic bag.

And for the end – Regularly protect your leather handbag with leather cream and wax.

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