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How to develop your personal style

How to Develop Your Personal Style

If style is one thing it is definitely not a one size fits all. Style should be about your personality and not about current trends. It is a thing that you need to develop and that is very personal. Thus said, maybe the first advice should be avoid people who teach you how to dress like them, buy from their favorite designer or talk on and on about ongoing fashion trends.

One of the first questions that lots of people ask is:

“What if I don’t have a style?” What if I can’t find my style?

Look to those who you admire!

If you are looking for a beginner step to make when finding your own style our advice is to start with a Capsule Wardrobe and build on top of that. If you are not certain where do you want to go with your style take a look first at your immediate surrounding. Who do you admire from friends or relatives, family members? Notice what are people wearing so your comment is “Oh, they look nice”.

So, next step: Start to use these people for your references. If you want to look further, do not go further than Google – so Google -women’s style or men’s style and we are sure you will get plenty of ideas.

Click through all the images you like and ask yourself questions such as What made me click this image? What do I like about it? Maybe the colour or its unique design? How would that particular piece make you feel? And would you feel like you if you wore this garment?

If you are more keen on celebrities or influencers find the ones that admire and check what is their life like when they are not in the public eye. Find the ones who lead similar life like you or life that you would like to live (such as are they married, live in a house, have kids) and check their suggestions or photos of outfits for inspiration and reference point to start.

Do not copy their style! Just use their style as an inspiration to develop your personal style!

develop your personal style

Look for the vibe the clothes bring! Everything that you like or you think can bring you that positive personal vibe that only unique style can bring – screenshot it or pin it. Pinterest is a great option for that. So you can make/pin a mood board for developing your personal style.

Look For Inspiration in Runway Shows To Develop Your Personal Style

Runway shows are a great source of inspiration when looking and developing your personal style. You can find all the runway shows for free on the net or check the major and most popular online magazines such as vogue.com. One thing to remember is that what you are looking for is not copying the styles and what you see on runways is often more art than it is intended to be worn. There are separate lines that designers produce for Ready To Be Worn! Check them too.

Remember one thing: You must be comfortable in Your Style!

Style is separate from Fashion! It is not about trend, a season, a brand… Style is About You! How You Put Things Together To Develop Your Own Personal Style! Style should be about Fun and Excitement!

Be Open To Try New Things!

Be prepared to try new things. Think outside the box and the usual style that you would go for! Remember all those screenshots, pinboards and surfing on the net! Now it is time to organise the mood and style board. If you go for urban street style try to find clothes for that modern urban girl when going to a party, another look for meeting your friends in a cafe, going for a walk in the city and so on.

Always think about the places you go to or events that you attend so a good number to create images on the pinboard is around ten. That will give you an idea. Look for the common things about these images – are they all wearing tops, certain cut of jeans or maybe the colours are more or less the same?

How to find your personal style


how to find your personal style

Take One Step At a Time!

If you are not a person who like taking risks and opts for the safest option, that is totally fine! But why not trying to take one step at a time?! Start with accessories – inject colours in nice large necklace or earrings, maybe a handbag or a belt. After that you can add some more colour to your outlook!

How do you know if this works? Simply, check how you feel! Are you happy, feel at ease with this style? Do you feel comfortable wearing that? Feeling wonderful is all that matters! Be the best version of yourself in the newly developed style.

Express Your Individuality With Style!

Even if you are stuck with corporate dress code you can always find ways how to express your individuality. Add a piece of jewellery, a scarf, choose a bolder colour with the tie, try things on! You mustn’t be lazy. All you need is to invest a little bit of time and the results will be marvellous.

Next time someone sees you they will sure say: That looks nice. I want to have that great personal style.

Start today with the research and you will be amazed by the results. And let us know! We will be happy to hear it!

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