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What’s in your purse: Organise your make-up kit

When I look at my cosmetic bag every morning I remind myself that it is about high time to clean the mess and organise my make-up kit!

I do the same next morning, too! And the next that comes! So, I decided to take a look at some expert advice about what is the right way and steps to organise your make-up kit!

First Things First

First things come first. Take the make-up kit, find a good place where you will not make a mess and create the mess by spilling all the contents out. Take a good look at it and anything that is broken, has a bad smell, expiry date is long due goes to the bin first.

The second step is to take a look at the colours and see if the colours are just right for you. Make sure the cosmetic bag is clean and tidy before starting to put things back in it!

Organise Your Make-Up Kit: Day Make-Up Essentials

One of the first things to have in the purse is moisturiser. My skin is pretty dry so this is a must for me. Take a look at some of the best moisturisers on the market.

If you like a glowing face you can also use a little of shimmer. I personally do not especially during the day but I am a foundation type so I always carry one. For those who do not like foundation you can have some tinted balm.

The second thing is a black pencil and a pencil for correcting spots. In addition, you can also have a compact of shadows that you can customise for yourself and it is important to have neutral colours, or light, medium and some darks. You can combine this with a blush. Brush and eye brush would be sufficient tool for the shadow application.

To complete the set just throw a black mascara and a gloss or nice lip-colour lipstick for the day.

Night Make-Up Essentials

I like that you can organise your make-up kit in a day and night essentials and for this purpose it would be great if you put these essentials in two different cosmetic bags. One other idea is to put the night make-up essentials in a bag that can be a small evening bag to take with you when on the go – your phone and small money purse should be able to fit in this evening bag, too! If interested in shopping for some great evening bags check out post on the best online shopping sites.

A nice item to fit in the bag is a compact with mirror and as we are talking about night make-up, a good idea is the compact to have a shimmer in it so you can. add a little glow to the night. In addition you can have a highlighter for your cheeks and. eyes. And of course, grab your favourite red colour of lipstick and you are ready- set-go.

Extra Tip: A. good idea is to have a pack of peppermint, small toothbrush with some toothpaste in it (it is convenient as it is packed separately) and mini fragrance. My favourite one is Giorgio Armani Variety 5 Piece Mini Set.

When Going to a Trip

The third bag is about travel essentials when it comes to make-up, it is a good idea this bag to include:

  • Make-Up Remover
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Plastic containers for all the needed shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturiser
  • Labels for the plastic containers so you would organise the things perfectly
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Cotton pads are not a must-have but good to have

Plastic containers are great as you can put there all your favourite products, refill them all the time and keep the items always ready for travel. One thing to consider is of course the size which should perfectly fit in the travel bags.

Let us know which are your ways of organising the make-up kit?! And, what is there in your cosmetic purse?

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