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The Rules Of A Great Style: Learn Them Today!

You do not have to be an influencer, Instagram blogger or a model to know the rules of a great style. We all might not be in the public eye but we still do go out in the public; and one has to admit: Style matters. If you are not sure what counts under great style, here are the rules for one.

Invest in Your Image

When we talk about investing in your image we do not mean money and buying clothes. You can have a great style on a budget, too. To Invest in your image means to make a conscious choice of what to wear, what suits you well, to make an effort in choosing your clothes for the best version of yourself.

Investing in your image is like saying Look at me! I am worthy of your respect. In this incredible busy life that we are all leading sometimes the wardrobe comes last. It is not our priority often but the way of presenting ourselves to the world will certainly facilitate lots of things that are happening around us: your social life, the new promotion that you were expecting, the new great look after all the workouts in the gym for so long or so many other exciting things.

Learn the Basic Rules

Style is a game full with fun but this does not mean that there are no rules that one can follow. The two most important and basic rules to follow are Know Who You Are so you can know your style and Understand Your Proportions!

Know Your Proportions and Dress Accordingly!

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What looks awesome on a supper skinny model probably will not look that awesome on your body – not because you are not beautiful but because you do not have the same body shape. Thus it is very important to know your body proportions and body shape. Do you have larger torso? hips? bosom? smaller frame? taller frame?! Learn your proportions first.

Know Who You Are or Learn Who You Want To Be!

It is important to know who you are, what are your likes or dislikes, know your own rules as far as style goes. If you like dresses of course you will find ways to incorporate lots of them in your style but if you are not keen on them it will be illogical to start wearing them just because of trends. Wear something that screams You!

Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs

Each of us has a set of internal rules that often can limit us when it comes to style. If you are 30+ you may have asked many times: Isn’t this too short? These skinny jeans..but…I am 40+…There are many of you who say “I cannot pull off this colour” or “This trend may look good on me but it is not for my age” or “This A-form does will probably not fit my body shape”. One simple piece of advice: “Try first and then we can talk”. You might be surprised how gorgeous things might look on you.

Let Go Of Dressing Your Age

Age does not matter in reference to style. As long as it looks good on you, and you feel like a super star and you are happy with expressing yourself that is the goal you should go for. What is important is to follow your feelings about it – if you think that looks not so nice or it is distasteful it probably is! Get rid of that! But if you feel that this looks perfect no matter that is for 25 year olds then go for it!

Go For Classic Style

One of the basic principles for a great style is keep it classic. If we take a look at the styles throughout the years we will notice that some clothing pieces are in common for all styles. So maybe the trick to develop your personal style is to incorporate modern touch to the basic pieces of wardrobe (plain white shirt, jeans, a pair of trousers and so on).

Always Check How You Feel

Style is something that can be found so do not worry if you do not have one at the moment. Style should be connected to your personality and your individual body proportions and not to current trends. We do not wear things just because someone else wears it! Age should not limit our style and Remember:

Always Try New Things Before You Say This Colour or This Piece Of Clothing Would Not Look Good On Me!

And of course, Do let us know what do you think of this Article? Do you have any ideas or Rules For Creating a Great Style? We will be happy to hear them!

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