what should or should not be in your closet

What Should and Shouldn’t be in your Closet!

If you have limited storage space chances are your closets are a precious commodity. But having too many things in one closet, despite the ease of tossing it in, can really make life difficult. The last thing you need while getting dressed for work is an avalanche of wrapping paper and gift bags on top of your head.

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But what are you to do if space is limited and you don’t want to leave out the gift wrap all year long? Keep your chin up, there are alternatives.

1. Specialize

If you only have a limited number of closets in your home and some of them need to do double-duty don’t do this to your own clothing closet. This is the place where you need to have your clothes, shoes, and related accessories only (okay, you may need to hide the odd gift in there once or twice a year).

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2. Try to have a Theme for The Rest of your Closet

Depending on the rest of your space, try to have a theme for the rest of your closets, it will make organizing them a lot easier. Most of us don’t have the space or need for an entire closet dedicated to wrapping paper, but what about all paper and paper products? Computer paper, greeting cards, ink for your printer, and anything else that would fit in this category can logically be put together.

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3. Shelving

It is a great addition to any closet, especially for one that has an odd assortment of storage items. Group like items together on each shelf and add in bins and baskets where appropriate to keep things neat and tidy.

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Take a good look at what makes it into your closets. A lot of times, things that are thrown in with the thoughts we might need them later usually aren’t seen or used again. In this case, don’t put them away throw them away.

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