Dressing for Success: Work from Home Outfits

Do you own your own home based business or are you a home based employee who is hired by an outside company? Or you are just one of the many who shifted from office work to work from home due to Covid-19? Yeah, just like most of us, you might be also stuck at home or if being optimistic let’s say enjoying the many comforts of working from home. You get the point.

Although working from home is nice and has been a dream of many, as this pandemic world proved to us it can also be very difficult. Many home based employees have reported problems such as missed deadlines or the inability to always stay focused and stay on task. If this a problem for you, the solution may be a lot easier than you may have originally thought.

If you are working from home right now, what are you wearing?!

It might not be true in all cases, but many people believe that those who work from home have difficultly because of their lack of professionalism. And when we talk about professionalism on this site we do not refer to the way they present themselves to clients and it certainly does not understand the work that they submit. Instead, when we say lack of professional we focus on the appearance of most home based employee, namely the clothing worn.

If you are like many home based workers, you may respond with jeans and a t-shirt or even your pyjamas. If you are looking to improve your professionalism and possibly even your performance levels and productivity, you may want to make changes in the way that you dress for work.

Work From Home Outfit #1

We love the plain black tee with the extra detail such as the puff-sleeve that makes it pop. The textured fabric looks like a dream! It’s our favorite black t-shirt that can be combined with different type of jeans, denim shorts, skirts, pants and lots more.

Check this look at:


White jeans


Even if you work from home, there are a number of benefits to dressing for success. One of those benefits is the work that you may be able to produce and your productivity. When working from home, there are typically two types of individuals. There are those who work best when comfortable and those who work best when poised for success. If you are the latter, you may benefit immensely from dressing for success, even if you work out of your home. It has been reported by many that the more professional you dress, the more professional results you will likely produce.

Does Your Business Require Regular Meetings?!

It is also important to examine your current working situation. If you run your own home based business, does your business require that you regularly meet with your customers? If it does, you may want to consider dressing for success, even if it isn’t necessarily expected of you.


Taking steps to dress for success when meeting with clients and customers is a great way to improve your public perception. Even if your clients are use to seeing you in casual clothing, it may be a nice surprise and change for all parties involved, including yourself.

Work From Home Outfit #2

The design of this jacket is awesome as it not the classical jacket style but gives some casual look just right for the work from home style. It looks awesome even with a plain white T- shirt and goes great with jeans (black and white), skirt or pants.

Check the look at:



White Plain T-Shirt

When dressing for success, when working from home, it is important to remember that you do have a number of different options. You do not necessarily need to go all out. Although business suits are ideal for both men and woman, a simple pair of slacks and a dress shirt may do.

Try On Different Outfits

If you are looking to dress for success to hopefully improve your performance and productivity, you may want to experiment. Trying on different outfits, when working from home, is one the best ways to find the dress for success clothes that work best for you.

Dress impeccably and they will remember the woman!

Coco chanel

Of course, the decision to dress professionally and dress for success when working from home is yours to make, but you may be surprised with the results. Speaking of results, why don’t you at least give dressing for success a try, as you have nothing to lose by doing so.

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